Photocontrols turn luminaires on at dusk and off at dawn.

Photocontrols with a difference

EYE Lighting proudly features its outstanding family of Lighting Control Systems, Standard and LONG LIFE Locking Type Photoelectric Controls. Although Photocontrols are not new to the industry, EYE has designed in performance features that make these the best photocontrols with the longest life available.

EYE Lighting Photocontrol Advantages

  • Thicker cover compared to competition: 0.105 inch (2.67 mm) thick on our LONG LIFE product and 0.070 inch (1.78 mm) on Standard and BG Series.
  • Quad 420 joule MOVs on LONG LIFE
  • LONG LIFE versions feature heavy duty relay – rated for over 200A inrush load current. Meets the most stringent ANSI C136.10 High Inrush requirements
  • FET relay coil control. Switching FET is operated at 5% of rate current and 40% of rated voltage. Most other control designs operate switching components at 60% of rated voltage and 95% of rated current
  • Tight fitting snap-on cover design provides positive lock. No steel screws to corrode.
  • Input capacitor rated 630V versus 400V, which is typical of controls offered by others. This ensures longer life and better surge resistance
  • Backed by industry professionals experienced in providing lighting solutions
  • Rounded top corner makes EYE Lighting control more failure proof due to hail, drops and vermin.

Superior quality engineering, design and manufacturing

Circuitry is designed to protect against surges, especially important with today’s electronic-driven luminaires, with higher-quality components, particularly a sealed relay with very large silver contacts, FET drive and high-voltage rated capacitors. Mechanically, our housing is one of the thickest in the industry, helping to fend against Mother Nature and her creatures. With a wide variety of sensitivity, color and electrical options available, the EYE Photocontrol family offers maximum flexibility to outperform its competitors in virtually every outdoor lighting application, year after reliable year!

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Standard Photocontrol Spec Sheet
Photocontrol BG Series Spec sheet
Photocontrol Long Life spec Sheet
Photocontrol Short Spec sheet
Photocontrol 1704-1810 Spec Sheet
Photocontrol Sell sheet
Photoelectric Control Warranty
Feature Standard Control BG Series LONG LIFE Control Notes
Warranty 8 years 8 years 12 years
Load rating HID ballast 1800VA 1800VA 1800VA All controls are also rated for 1000W (10A) electronic driver
LED fixture maximum inrush current 90A 90A 200A
Number of ON/OFF operations at full load 5000 5000 10,000 This is a minimum rating. With loads less than 1800VA, relay contact life goes up. Example: At a 120VAC, 5A LED driver load, relay contact life is over 50,000 operations
Cover thickness 0.070 inch (1.78 mm) 0.070 inch (1.78 mm) 0.105 inch (2.67 mm) Thicker = stronger
Thicker covers start with higher impact rating and keep ANSI minimum of 0.5 ft-lbs longer
Light sensitivity Peak at 900 nm
Sensitive to red through green. Good sensitivity to sunlight
Peak at 900 nm
Sensitive to red through green. Good sensitivity to sunlight
Peak at 900 nm
Sensitive to red through green. Good sensitivity to sunlight
Surge protection 160, 320 or quad 320 joule, 9500A MOV rated for multiple surges 420 joule, 9500A MOV rated for multiple surges Quad MOVs, each rated 420 joule, 9500A LONG LIFE is equipped with quad 420 joule MOVs with the same size cover as other models
Printed circuit board FR4 fiberglass FR4 fiberglass FR4 fiberglass with conformal coating on both sides

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