EYE Lighting Continues to Manufacture

Message from Greg Barry, President

EYE Lighting International has been extremely fortunate to be defined as an “Essential” manufacturer by the Department of Homeland Security and the State of Ohio and has been able to remain open throughout this pandemic. This means we are keeping people employed and our retailers supplied.

Our primary concern has been for the safety and health of our employees and their families. As a result, we have implemented additional measures including:

  • Working remotely for our office staff
  • Monitoring our employees for COVID-19 symptoms, including daily temperature checks
  • Expanding our cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • Educating on “Social distancing”
  • Spacing our employees out in each of the work stations
  • Requiring ALL employees to wear facial coverings

In addition, we continue to adopt the standards developed by the US government, the Governor of Ohio, and the CDC.

Our second priority is to service our customers. Although we have been able to work throughout this crisis, we are still affected by COVID-19 and the global impact it has had on our supply chain. EYE Lighting lamps have component parts from suppliers located throughout the world. Although most of suppliers have also remained open, they have reduced their capacity to meet the regulations of their specific countries.